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The growth points in South Africa are the so-called Lowveld and then the Cape. The iconic Kruger National Park, the area being the gateway towards Mozambique and Swaziland, the capital Nelspruit draws understandingly investments to Mbombela and all land adjacent to the Kruger National Park. 

Mbombela dynamically emanates into an international destination, offering international standard development and opportunities.

Nkomazi - or the area South of the Kruger Park, has notable similar features, yet retains its African/bushveld elements. With excellent medical services, a shopping centre filled with the relevant retail tenant mix, and the advantages of tranquility, little crime, river and Kruger Park front properties, Komatipoort for example is perfect for exchanging city life and its demands for privacy and seclusion. Marloth Park is a unique holiday town cum nature conservancy where man and animal share the same domain. It is a holiday town situated in the natural bushveld , adjacent to the famous Kruger National Park. Nestled in a bend of the Crocodile River, which forms the southern boundary of Kruger, the town recently enjoys status of a nature conservancy registered with the Parks Board of Mpumalanga. The town shares most of the plant, animal and bird species found in the southern part of the Kruger Park, save for certain dangerous species amongst those called the Big Five, although they can be viewed across the river from inside town. Marloth Park consists of a development zone and a conservation zone; where the development zone of 1099 ha, consists of 6.9 ha utilised as municipal areas, 48 ha as road surfaces and 132 ha as road reserves.  The remaining portion has been divided into approximately 4500 plots for residential development. More than 40 percent of the available land area within the town is devoted to parkland where no building activity is permitted. This further enhances the opportunity to view animals and birds in their natural state. The residential development portion currently has a development footprint of 28 ha, and landscaped gardens that constitute 289 ha. The conservation zone consist of the remaining 528 ha, remnants of the natural vegetation that is scattered throughout the area…. When talking Marloth Park, it is about staying  as intimately and closely to nature, within a safe environment, as what could possibly be imagined. Recent development of Mjejane - a development with direct access into and from the Kruger National Park, draws top end developments and stays, and added value to Hectorspruit blossoming into a new distinctive residentail cum commercial hub. Malalane likewise Komatipoort is a agricultural combined tourist town.  The town was proclaimed in 1949. The origin of the name is disputed: either it is derived from the Swazi expression "eMlalani" place of the palms, or  "lala" which means to sleep  or it was named after a Swazi tribe which means "guardians" of the ford in the Crocodile River. The town started as the first rest-stop between Lourenço Marques and Pretoria. It soon became the centre of the sugar-growing industry in Mpumalanga. In Malalane, like Komatipoort, nature prevails at the expense of commercialism, even though facilities are excellent.  

The brothers Jan and Chris Engelbrecht have been involved in the gross majority of property sales combined town planning, transfers of properties, bond registrations, appraisals of properties and municipal related work of this area, and serves amongst others on the Porperty Portfolio Committee of Nkomazi Municipality. The law practice Esselens Engelbrechts and Fine and Country play a substantial part in the development of Mbombela and all area South of and surrounding the Kruger National Park. When considering buying or renting in Mbombela and Nkomazi, and the surrounds, it is about owning your own portion of Africa.



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Esselens Engelbrechts Inc takes pride to assist numerous estate agencies with transfer of property registration services, bonds, assessments, town planning related services. The directors has interest in licensed realty businesses trading under the flag of the international acclaimed Fine and Country brand. The directors are NQF5  and PDE5  qualified Master Practitioners in the Real Estate (MPRE) and serve as principals for estate agents under their employment and elsewhere. As such not only the businesses they own, are in possession of fidelity certificates, but so also both gents Jan and Chris Engelbrecht.

Properties in Nkomazi are popular due to the iconic international Kruger National Park and close proximity to Mozambique and Swaziland, also since this area is well known as a farming domain of the country, and Nkomazi (or South of the Kruger Park) enjoys increased tourism interest. Mindmatters Real Estate CC trades as Fine and Country  Lowveld Kruger South in this area, with offices in Malalane, Marloth Park Holiday Township and Komatipoort.

Properties in the capital of Mpumalanga are marketed by Mindmatters Lowveld Mbombela Pty Ltd trading as Fine and Country Lowveld Mbombela. Charlotte Snyman is a third partner and principal if this agency.

The deployed professionals and consultants have a sound understanding of their market. They all are true ambassadors of Mpumlanga, sharing the beauty of this increasing international popular area with the global world. 

The qualifications, expertise and professionalism of the consultants of the agencies, and the professional expertise of the law practice, assure all interested parties of well considered property choices, and legal advice including buying, selling, letting, land usage changes, property development, township establishment, fragmentation, bonding, assessment,and conveyancing.