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Bankruptcy: a word that scares people.. With reason. It has a major impact on a person's/family'sfinancial well-being, and indeed for several years afterward: Interest on credit means available increase, it's progressively impossible to obtain a loan, wages could be garnished....

When creditors start calling and harassing you, protect your assets and financial standing by knowing what your options are and how to rebuild if you decide to declare bankruptcy. The NCR created a relatively new mechanism to assist and manage debt challenges. Engelbrechts Esselens Inc assist clients to assess their financial situation, and advise and assist them to redeem the situation. In many events the emotional crisis/experience esceeds the real threath, and the visit to our offices certainly is rewarding.

We could deal with any scenario, and it includes reference, when necessary or appropriate, to our sister business Debt Counselling Mpumalanga (to view that site for more info, click here: